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Herbal Remedies > Australian Bush Flower Essences

Fire White Light Bush Flower Essence

Australian Essences White Light

24,90 €
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Bush Flower Essence
Format or wieght:
10 ml
Acording to Ian White, The White Light Essences have been brought through by spirit to help us to invoce and access the realm of nature ans spirit within ourselves so as to more fulfil our highest potential.
The white light essences work best when taken individually, only one flower essence at a time, the essences should be taken for two weeks and after that period you can either repeat the same essence or take different one.
The Fire White Light Essence was made in Central Australia in the sacred area of Katajuta, it encompasses the passion, creation, possibilities and potencial of Fire.
It helps with the burning off one´s dross or impurities specially that of the Astral Body. This essence can open people to their most ancient source, back to the moment when the soul originally chose the life purpose for its earthly incarnation. This will leave the individual with a sense of purpose and direction, inspired and motivated to follow their life path and fulfill their highest destiny.
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